We are assembling our supplies for Batch No. 2!

Hello. We were thrilled (and a tiny bit scared) that our first 100-box batch sold out in early September 2020. Whee!

We're figuring out our timing on Batch No. 2, and -- if you're willing to wait for your Box(es) --you can place your order today, for a Box or two from our Batch No. 2.

We are ordering all the bits and bobs we need to make Batch No. 2 now, and have everything we need except a tiny little header that joins the RFID reader with the PCB. This will mean we expect to begin fulfilling and sending them out late November 2020. So, if that still suits, do please go ahead and order! We are literally making Boxes in a front room in London, after downsizing due to COVID. It's a small batch business, so patience is needed, please!

If you have questions, please ask: info@museuminabox.org or join our TinyLetter mailing list or follow us on Twitter for updates on Batch No. 2 timings. 



I really truly do not understand why every museum doesn't have one, because it's just so simple, and yet, it does this amazing job, and you can use it with every audience I can think of that would come into a museum.

John Murray, Jewish Museum London


Without a doubt, the final part of the Make Your Own process really surprised me, when children try what they've made for the first time. That is wonderful.

Susana Oubina, IES Castro Alobre (and Make Your Own pilot)


The Box is different because it addresses access needs, and it's not written information. Literacy, digital literacy, cost barriers, living in marginal communities... the Box overcomes them.

Dr. Laura Gibson - King's College London


When [We Shall Overcome] came on she just started singing along with it and just... it was really powerful to see a strong memory triggered. That also brought out other people's stories of war and family. People who don't usually talk began talking.

Susan Dyar, Monroe County History Center

Delivery Notes

 - Please note we are assembling our stock for Batch No. 2 now (mid Sep to mid Nov 2020). That means we'll be able to start sending out orders again at the end of November 2020!

- Our goal is to fulfil all orders within 1-2 weeks of your order being placed. Delivery can take a while to faraway places though!

- We may need to contact you for further customs-related information in some cases. We've found it tricksy to send Boxes to South America, for example, but, we're very happy to try!

Returns & Refurbishment

- The Box has been designed for disassembly. 

- If the Box breaks down or needs repair, please return it to us, and we'll do our best to fix it. 

- If you don't want your Box anymore, please don't throw it away, but return it to us so we can refurbish it and put it back into the network.