Stuck at Home?

We've put together this At Home collection for families who might want to try Make Your Own. If you buy all three items, you'll get 25% off!

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Ancient Worlds by AHR or A Box of Noises by renata, or Vaguely Mystical Objects I Have at Home by George (me)!


I really truly do not understand why every museum doesn't have one, because it's just so simple, and yet, it does this amazing job, and you can use it with every audience I can think of that would come into a museum.

John Murray, Jewish Museum London


Without a doubt, the final part of the Make Your Own process really surprised me, when children try what they've made for the first time. That is wonderful.

Susana Oubina, IES Castro Alobre (and Make Your Own pilot)


The Box is different because it addresses access needs, and it's not written information. Literacy, digital literacy, cost barriers, living in marginal communities... the Box overcomes them.

Dr. Laura Gibson - King's College London


When [We Shall Overcome] came on she just started singing along with it and just... it was really powerful to see a strong memory triggered. That also brought out other people's stories of war and family. People who don't usually talk began talking.

Susan Dyar, Monroe County History Center

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