Training Day Workshop

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Are you ready to master your Museum in a Box? We're ready to help with hands-on training, guidance, and inspiration for up to five people! 

The team can host you at our London HQ or travel to you to show you what's what, sharing our insights into what makes truly engaging content, and how to use the resources you have to make the most of your Make Your Own kit. 

Training is customised to you and can cover all the elements of making a great Museum in a Box experience. 

  • Selecting a strong collection of objects
  • Writing a compelling script
  • Recording and editing great sound
  • Uploading and managing your collection on our 'Heart' web platform
  • Connecting your Box to WiFi
  • Configuring your Box, your collection, and your NFC stickers to bring it all together 

When you order a Training Day Workshop, we'll be in touch to figure out a plan and together we'll establish which topics you'd like to focus on.

Charlie has written up one of our Training Day workshops on the blog, which we ran with Tracy & Jo from Tees Valley Museums, so you can get a feel for it.

For more details and specific training requirements such as Photogrammetry please do get in touch. Please note training day accommodation and travel for the team to visit you will be billed separately. And yes if you'd like to conduct the training in Hawaii we'll be happy to attend.