Make Your Own Museum in a Box - Big Kit

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Are you working in a larger museum or library or other organisation? With a Big Kit can make your very own interactive, multi-sensory museum collection, and teach yourself some new digital skills as you do it!

  • Are you looking for a new way to bring your collections to more people?
  • How about making a collection that you could send to a school class before they visit you?
  • How could you incorporate an interactive collection into your exhibition or public spaces?
  • Could you develop a collection that speaks in another language?
  • What other media do you hold in your archives that you could unlock through audio?
  • Are you looking to pick up some new digital skills or improve your storytelling chops? Do you have thespian tendencies?
  • Would you like to initiate a cross-departmental collaboration?

    The Big Kit contains:

    • 3 Boxes
    • 108 NFC stickers
    • 3x 12-month early adopter memberships on the web platform
    • A page for your Organisation on the web platform 
    • 1 Instruction manual

    How are organisations using Museum in a Box?

    • The Smithsonian Institution is making new collections almost every month, for use in their awesome Traveling Trunks program, about subjects as varied as Potent Potions and American Women's History.
    • The Fitzwilliam Museum is investigating the efficacy of 3D-printed replicas in museum collections via an AHRC grant, and developing a subscription program to rent out Boxes and Collections to their members and schools in the area.
    • There are lots more examples on the Collections page on our website...