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The brains of the operation, a Box is the device at the centre of the Museum in a Box experience. It's powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, and also contains an RFID reader, speakers and a custom-built PCB that incorporates an amplifier, a real-time clock, a digital-to-analogue audio converter, and some blinky lights. The Box also uses the standard Raspberry Pi power plug.

Each Box also comes with a set of Admin Objects that help you keep your Box in tune. It contains:

  1. A Hello card
  2. A WiFi card to help you configure your Box to join a Wifi network
  3. An Update card so you can keep up to date with the latest software from HQ, or download content updates in your Collections
  4. 3x example cards to give you a taste of some great content

Please note:
The Box won't do anything without either a Make Your Own kit, or some content to play, so please don't buy one unless you also have a kit or have talked to us first. We're offering a Box on its own for sale for folks with Make Your Own kits that just want more Boxes.