Lifetime Membership

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Jettison the need to maintain a monthly or annual membership setup for the ease and glamour of being one of our lifetime members!

We'd like to say this will assure your invitation to a number of exclusive international events, but we're not quite sure about that yet. What it will ensure, is that you will always be a friend to Museum in a Box, and you will not be subjected to any future annoying "time to renew your membership!" emails.

We'd like to recognise your superb taste and support by:

  • offering you a permanent 10% discount on any future purchases,
  • noting you're a special lifetime member on the website, and
  • sending you a complimentary HISTORY. AND SNAKES. tote bag which you can show off to all your friends.


    • Lifetime memberships cannot be bought in isolation. They must be part of an order that contains a kit.
    • Lifetime memberships do not stack. The maximum lifetime discount for any organisation is 10%. 
    • Lifetime memberships are not transferable between accounts.
    • You can upgrade an existing account at any time - just let us know your "Heart" username to attach it to.

    Please note:

    This Add On product won't do anything without at least one user account that you'd get when you buy a Make Your Own kit, so please don't buy one unless you are also buying a kit. We're offering a Lifetime Membership for sale to folks with Make Your Own kits that don't want to bother with monthly or annual user account management.

    If you don't have a lifetime membership, it's possible that your membership can expire. If this happens, your account will become read-only, meaning you can't add or edit your Collections.